Israel Play Fifth B

Israel Play Fifth B

Evan: Please rise for The honorable judge Juan Fernandez  (everyone stands up)

Juan: Please be seated.  (looks at folder)  Everyone is making noise

Juan: Order in the court, Order in the court!!!!

Everyone is silent.

(He opens up his folder) Case #55 TheHoly Land

mmmm… This is going to be a tough one.

Ok lawyers please state your case.

Diego:  Good afternoon! (he then walks over to the jury) I hope today´s trial is judged without any bias. My clients are here to defend the Land that is rightfully theirs. They used to live in peace in their land called Palestine. Then without warning they were kicked out and sent to live in neighboring countries. (Pause) Here to speak in name of the Islam Religion and Muslim people are the Imam Rashad  and a Palestinian citizen Misses Mina

I would first like to call Rashad to the stand. (She walks and sits)

Hector:  In our bible called the Quran … Oh I actually brought one. (he takes it out)

Diego: May I present this to the Court as Evidence number 1? (he gives it to Juan)

Juan: Yes, bring it over.

Diego: could you please tell us about yourself and what your religious beliefs are?

Hector: First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Imam Rashid. For those of you who don´t know, An Imam is a spiritual guide. I direct the prayers inside a Mosque.

The Quran states that the Holy Land belongs to any son of Abraham and Abraham is the father of all Christians, Jews and Muslims. So, the land should be shared by all. That is the wish of our God Allah. The Quran also states that when our prophet Muhammad died, his spirit went up to heaven through the city of Jerusalem.

Diego: Imam, is Allah the same God as for Jewish and Christians?

Hector: Of course! We believe it is the same God, but we call him differently.

Diego: Thank you very much! Now I would like Misses Mina Hasib to come to the stand. (Ivana comes and sits)

Misses Mina could you please tell the court your experience in living in a Refugee Camp?

Ivana: It has been awful! I was forced to leave my home and take only what I could carry. My family was separated. Some of them went to Egypt, others to Syria and I went to Jordan. Living in a Refugee Camp is no piece of cake! We barely have houses and we are poor.  (Hands on her face like crying)

Diego: Thank you Misses Hasib. That will be all for today. (Ivana goes back to her place)

As you can see Palestinians have suffered and have been mistreated, give the land back to them. Your honor I would like to present evidence number 2. These are pictures of the Israel Wall which started to be built in 2002. It alienates the few Palestinian communities still living in Israel. This is just like the Berlin Wall. It seems mankind is not learning from its mistakes.

Maria:  Objection your honor! Both sides need to be heard and then the jury may decide if the Israel wall is a good or bad thing.

Juan: Ok we will listen to the Jewish people next then. Please continue

Maria:  You have heard from the Muslims but know it’s the turn of the Hebrews.  You want to talk about suffering? No other civilization has suffered as much as the Jewish people have. For centuries they have been conquered and exiled from their country. (Pause) Rabbi would you please come forward? (Pepe sits on the chair)

Please tell us about the Torah.

Pepe: First of all I would like to say that in the Quran and in the Torah it clearly states  that God chose the land of Israel to be given to the Israelites. And who has been called that? Not the Muslims, not the Christians but us the Jewish people.

Maria: Ok so you are saying that this is something that the bibles of other religions also acknowledge?

 Pepe: That is correct!

Maria: No further questions your honor, now I call Jona Goldstein to the stand. (Vanessa walks up)

Misses Goldstein would you please tell the court how your life has changed since moving to Israel?

Vanessa: Well it has been wonderful being able to return to our Holy Land. My parents and I are Holocaust survivors and after the war, we had no home. Most of our family had been killed. When the UN opened up Israel´s borders, we were glad to go. It meant a fresh start. Somewhere safe to live. But then, the Palestinians started bombing us. That is no way to come to a peace agreement! That is why Israel had to build the wall. To protect its people.

Ivana: But that was our land, you could of shared it with us, not taken it away!!!!

Juan: Mister Smith, please tell your client she must remain in silence. I will not have my court turned into a circus.

Diego: Yes,  your honor.

Juan: Continue counselor

Maria:  Has there been any peace talks between Israel and Palestinians?

Vanessa: Oh yes! Israel and Palestinians signed a peace treaty called the Oslo treaty in Norway.

Maria: Oh! So Palestinians are not keeping their end of the treaty?

Diego: I object!!! That is generalization. The Palestinian leaders have agreed peace between both countries, Its only some radical groups who are not abiding the treaty.

Juan: Sustained. Please restate your question

Maria: Some Palestinians have not accepted Israel as a country. What are some acts of violence that occur against Jewish people from Israel?

Vanessa: No, there are still attacks against Israeli civilians going on and that is why Israel has one of the best military and airforces in the world. We have to be prepared for attacks at all times but the Israel wall has made it easier to protect ourselves.  

Maria: People of the Jury, think about this: The Jewish people were the first ones to arrive in Israel, after that they were sent away and conquered several times. It is time the world realized that it is their land right from the beginning. They need a safe haven.

Juan: Very well thank you Counselor, now I would like to hear from the Christians.

Gaby: I call the priest Isaiah to the stand. (Isaiah sits on the chair)

Who is the most important person for your religion?

Isaiah: Jesus, he is the son of God.

Gaby: Would you please tell the court what is the connection between Jesus and Israel?

Isaiah: Surely, Jesus was born in the city of Bethlehem, lived in Nazareth and was killed in Jerusalem. These are all cities of Israel. Our religion has the most spiritual connection to this land. So you can see why it is important for us to be taken in to account in this trial. If everyone is claiming Israel as their own, why wouldn´t we?

Gaby: That makes sense, thank you very much now I call Mister James Jackson to the stand. (They switch places)

Would you tell us your opinion on the matter?

Jorge: The conflict has always been between Israel and Palestinians, but what about us Christians? We also have a connection to this land; we also have a saying in this.

Gaby: Please explain

Jorge: No one actually considers that the land should belong to us. Well I believe it should. We even have a sacred place to pray. It`s called the church of Holy Sepulchre. It was built right where Jesus was crucified. (He takes out a picture of the Holy Sepulchre and hands it over to Gaby)

Gaby: I present this as evidence number 4 (gives it to the Juan)

Juan: Ok I think I`ve heard enough for today. Members of the Jury you have lots to think of

(Everyone is is complete silence)

Sofia: This is a tough case, every lawyer made valid points.

Jake: Maybe  Israel should be divided in to 3 Independent states.

Mateo: But what about Jerusalem? It has 3 important landmarks for each of the religions in dispute.

Santiago: Maybe that could remain as a city belonging to Humanity.

Ana Paula: I find it difficult to make a decision. On one hand, Jewish people were the first ones to arrive there but, on the other hand what about the Palestinians? Refugee camps are not great places to live.

Sofia: Yeah people don´t have great medical attention or in some cases children don´t have access to decent education.

Jake: But If only they stopped using violence as a way to be heard.

Mateo: Violence only results in more violence. It has been more than 60 years now, things need to be resolved!

Santiago: I think it is important for us to study the History of each religion. Start from the beginning.

Ana Paula: I would also like to read each of their Holy Books and see how they explain the situation.

Mateo: We can´t decide today, we will need more time to study every perspective.

Sofia: Let´s tell the judge that we are not prepared to make a decition that will affect thousands of people.

Juan: Have you reached a verdict?

Santiago: No your honor we have not.

Juan: We will have to reconvene on July 27th, 10 a.m.